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Welcome to the sound clips
Most of these sound bites were created with a Digitech RP2000
Played on my Washburn G-10V. guitar i just love.(Washburn call me about a deal). I put lace gold in the neck , a strat bridge  in the middle and a seymour duncan "57 "in the bridge position (Seymouryou call me to).
Also my Les Paul studio with Pearley Gates Pick ups    
Output from the headphone out on the rp unit into a crystal audio sound card, useing Windows ME
Every sound copyright 2001 LittleCreek Gold music includeing the buzzes and crurps  Some mixes were done with Pro Tools/free.
 Single lines were recorded on Cakewalk Pyro
A few of the old ones were done with a teac 4 track  and then recorded through Pyro on to wav. then converted to mp.3 and They sound like it.
All patches are available at patch libarary
and at the Yahoo site