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Digitech Rp 2000 Created Music     or     Stuff from my buddies at the major domo
 Your clip here>>>
click on the underlined stuff there to hear, or go there

Don  (of Don and julie fame)   check out his music  
or Joe baby-

Hey Check out  RP HEAVEN  from Marcusio

The Axeman commeth --- check out this rippen, chunkey tuneage of Rp2kology

Big Tony at  (check this one out!)

Sonnets site  
and has some tunage at The Guitar Slingers site
check out his pic
* these links dont work (Im thinkin of loading the file here
 but im about out of space, and time tonight, Have to think about it.
 Violin patch clip     this patch is so cool

violin with echo/withoutecho.wav    *
 *     *
(Sonnet said he would list it on Digitech's  patch site)

Sound clips at the Musicans Friend site

Houston Bill's place   and
Bills Praise Band rythmn tracks

John Reid and  N9SFW

Check out Ian's -- Blastin, cookin tunes at

Here's Keiths tune from The Aspect Band
He has gotten tons of hits on this site and Is a credit to his RP heritage  

Chad has some cool stuff, all rp2k driven,

Snow boardin Bob has some excelent tunes at

The Stickmans tunage

Silvan-Dragon McIntyre rocks Digitech-aly  with protoolsfree

Andy's at

or on the sound clip page--Little Creek Gold

Steve's site at -

Christian Rock? You better believe it.
or just go to the video (real player)