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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #2
This Page May Take a Minute To Load,  
as its all pictures of sexy tube amps

Fac on tubes from Randal Smith (owner of Mesa/Boogie)
He gave this bit on tubes in the back of his Blue Angel tube amp booklet.
An awesome tube amp,  have a look-

bottoms up, a beautiful thing


Mc Intosh with   8417 tubes

10watt Steans

Canary   24 watts per

custom no-name proto types  38 watts el34's

Sherwood Sax 200 watts each

Dynaco's  6550 tubes  dyna kit III  mono blocks
hardly should be here-------- hybrid   --- tisk
brand new hybrid tube amp  TU-600 HYBRID CLASS A TUBE AMP
transformer-less VTCSD circuit
Heith Kit mono blocks EL 84's
The most awesome Tube Amp ever made. Have a look
click on RoadKing

                           An awsome Tube pre-amp

after 2 or 3 years on the road

The Carvin  Belair  2002  beautiful but I love tweed.

This baby is a preamp made by Mesa/boogie.
 Its for guitar/ hi impedance input and is switchable

Mesa 295  stereo 30 watt switchable to 95 watt, 4 el34 and 4- 6l6gt
Marshall 2555 -Jubliee 50/100 watt, White from Canada
  awesome,, thanks for the pics



awesome  JCM 800


Marshal 1962--JTM 45 reisue with kt 66's

must be newer with the circut board but prety just the same
another white one
Marshal JCM 800 2204 50 watt el34's
A masonette 25 wat 6v6 brand new 2003
If you have a pic of a tube amp and I havent posted it already,
 send it to me and I might just post it here, ya I'll give you credit....
1989 Marshall  JCM 800 2203 100w head
Marshall JCM 800 2204 50w JCM800 jmp
my personal fav's
Marshall JCM 800 4104 Combo 2x12 50w.
Hey marshal ,send me one of these?

Ebay used Marshal amps

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