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Patches n Links 2 (RP2K Patches)
 RP2K Patches
check out the ones at rp2k edit and rp2k heaven and dont forget The Ripper
Mine, Dons and others at RP2kEDIT
and at the Digitech site; copy/paste the link
RP2000 Patch Library - DeluxeReverb JB ver.4 - DeluxeReverb JB ver.4 Submitted by: Barefootterry Description: built on Jim Gavers DeluxeReverb(ver.1)This adds delay w/tremolo/picup. ...

               Take-5 Warm clean rythmn sound, also a great Jazz guitar tone.
               This sounds great with a ds-1 or tube screemer in front of it, it takes it and doesnt break up.

RP2000 Patch Library - SC.Compress AL ver.2 - SC.Compress AL ver.2
RP2000 Patch Library - DeluxeReverb JB ver.2 - DeluxeReverb JB ver.2
RP2000 Patch Library - DeluxeReverb JB ver.3 - DeluxeReverb JB ver.3
RP2000 Patch Library - J PAGE - J PAGE
RP2000 Patch Library - J PAGE - J PAGE
RP2000 Patch Library - David Gilmour lead ver1.1(w/delay) - David Gilmour lead ver1.1(w/delay)
RP2000 Patch Library - Edward Van Halen pedal board Ver.2 - Edward Van Halen pedal board Ver.2
RP2000 Patch Library - Richard (Betts(Allmond Bros.)) - Richard (Betts(Allmond Bros.))
RP2000 Patch Library - David Gilmour lead - David Gilmour lead
Here's my complete bulk dump(my rp2k ) rp2kbulkdump-Barefootterry-7-12-01.syx <<<<
You may like it , or It may not suit your guitar, at all.
Load that file into your unit and you will have my rp2k , all my user patches,
p.s. this will wipe out any thing else on there so, if you've backed your's up first. Go right ahead.(this may require rpedit to load "i'm not sure")
P.S.S. Let me know what you think about it anyway!!!
 RP2kEdit This is another patch saver. This works GREAT. Thanks to the author for this.
There are also patches here to download.

 and a major-domo type group on the rpedit  to subscribe email to
or unsubscribe
Dons  (Joe Rocker)
Distortion, wah, phaser, reverb, good for rhythm and lead 1 KB baldaufdp 10/15/2001

Tony Kenedy's The Ripper a patch saver/up loader
Tony has made the code, public domain at
He says"My only request is that if you make changes, send them to me.
Tony" he's at
Thanks. Tony

Back to MIDI at  domo -- MIDI

RP2kHeaven (from Italy)
 Susex Saver
Bome  susex saver,  Rob says it works Great

Midiox, a generic sysex saver program for download at

Tony Kenedy's The Ripper a patch saver/up loader

notes on the ripper---The Ripper
RP Edit is for all rp products except the rp2k and the Genx series.
I include it here for those who could use it
also on
Hi!  You will need firmware update to 1.5x which is located at to run RPEdit v2.1. Join the Yahoo RP20 group -
update is in the files area. This one has the older Digitech updater
program (v2.0). I had tried the v2.04 updater that was in the original zip
file with the firmware update to v1.504 and had comm problems. When I went
back to the old updater program, the update to v1.504 proceeded without a
If someone will let me know the best RPedit site i'll include it here and pass it on.
Music software           is awesome

Try a demo download, then buy the product.

Midi ox, a generic sysex saver program for download at
(this from digitechs board, Stoned Zim?)

Stoned Zim
date: 9/13/2002
Re: Loading patches into RP2000 with MIDI
I've answered my own question. In the SYSEX window in MIDI-OX, there is a configure option under the SYSEX menu that lets you put delays between buffers. I put 100ms between buffers and 200ms after an F7 (end of SYSEX message). After that it worked perfectly.

I didn't try to establish a minimum delay, as the entire load takes about 10 seconds.

Thanks Zim and Digitech for the great advice
Back to  MIDI  at DOMO--MIDI
 Music copyrights   USA

A link to the SR (Sound Recording)  form
burn a copy of your tune and fill out this form, cough up $30. and send it all in

This from RIAA
With music, there are two copyrighted works involved. The first is the musical composition, i.e. the lyrics and notes on paper. The musical composition is often referred to as the "musical work." The musical work is usually owned by the songwriter and his or her music publisher.
To get a license to use the musical composition there are several organizations that may be able to help, depending on the exact type of license needed. To publicly perform musical compositions, you need to contact one of the three music licensing organizations created to represent songwriters and their publishers:
To produce and distribute musical compositions, you can contact the Harry Fox Agency.

The second creative work in music is the "sound recording," i.e. the recording of an artistís performance of a given song. Sound recordings are usually owned by the record company that produced and released the recording. Sound recordings are sometimes owned by the recording artist or producer of the recording.
Generally, the owner of the sound recording is the company or person next to the encircled "P" on the label of an album or compact disc. For example, Pearl Jamís "Vs." album lists "Sony Music Entertainment." Thus, if you want to obtain a license for the recording of a track on "Vs.", you should contact Sony Music for a license.
Following is a list of who to contact for a sound recording license at some of our member labels.

Universal Music Group (i.e, MCA, Geffen, Mercury, Island)
Business & Legal Affairs
Universal Music Group
70 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
tel. (310) 865-9571
Warner Music Group (i.e., Warner Bros., Atlantic, Elektra)
Mark Ansorge, Esq.
VP Business Affairs/New Technology
Warner Music Group
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019
tel. (212) 275-1348
fax (212) 405-5297
Sony Music Entertainment (i.e, Epic, Columbia)
Larry Kanusher
Director of Business Affairs, New Technology and Business Development
Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
550 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022-3211
tel. (212) 833-8640
fax (212) 833-4873
BMG Entertainment (i.e., BMG, RCA, Arista)
David Seklir
Senior Director, Business and Legal Affairs
EMI-Capitol Music Group North America (i.e., Capitol, Virgin, Chrysalis)
Alasdair McMullan, Esq.
VP Legal Affairs
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104
tel. (212) 492-5056
fax (212) 492-5095
See Got a Band for an excelent tutorial on being in a Band and royalities
Got a Band?.1
 Get paid when your music is played,   for BMI

become an ascap writer,

oh yea-- SESAC

Music in Film? Check out an audio explanation of the biz-
Play audio (in real audio)  ---click on that
this is the best information.

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This stuff is great

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